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Biden Supports Socialist Country’s Oil Production But Not Our Own

  Inflation is on the rise and it’s impacting every aspect of our daily life – from the food we eat to the all the playdates we can’t attend because of gas prices. The left says the answer is to take more money from American citizens so the government can […]

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** Breaking News** The Day Has Finally Arrived – Roe V. Wade Is Officially Overturned!

  For decades, Americans have slaughtered their babies at abortion facilities under the protection of the Constitution – but today their “right” to kill their own babies has ended.  In a landmark 6-3 Supreme Court decision – Roe v. Wade has finally been overturned – outlawing abortion at the federal […]

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Biden Authorizes $5 Million To Send Abortion Kits To Countries Around The World

  President Biden is obsessed with murdering unborn babies both here and around the world. In fact, he just used his position of power to authorize a massive $5 million contribution to fund the unthinkable. And once you hear about the sneaky loophole Biden is using to fund overseas abortions, […]

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Biden Approves Mail Order Abortion Pills In Order To Kill More Unborn Babies

    President Biden is utterly obsessed with expanding abortions both here and around the world and you won’t believe what he’s done now. Using COVID-19 as an excuse to promote “safety,” his administration just allowed the unthinkable. And thanks to his most recent actions, abortions are sure to increase […]