Biden Authorizes $5 Million To Send Abortion Kits To Countries Around The World

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President Biden is obsessed with murdering unborn babies both here and around the world.

In fact, he just used his position of power to authorize a massive $5 million contribution to fund the unthinkable.

And once you hear about the sneaky loophole Biden is using to fund overseas abortions, you’re bound to be outraged.

Recently, team Biden decided to take $5 million and donate it to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to help them purchase maternal “health” supplies like abortion drugs for women.

But why would Biden want to use U.S. dollars to help women overseas abort their own babies?

It’s simple, really.

He does not value unborn lives, and thinks he can score political points with his pro-abort base by appearing to support “women’s rights” …

… when in reality all he’s doing is harming an unprecedented number of women – and children.

Not only is Biden arming UNFPA with funds to buy abortion drugs, but he’s enabling them to purchase portable abortion devices – to kill babies anywhere.

Live Action reported:

“Along with distributing the abortion drugs misoprostol and mifepristone, both separately and together, the UNFPA also distributes manual vacuum aspirator (MVA) kits — a portable abortion device. MVAs use suction to dismember and discard young preborn children in the first trimester.”

Truly unconscionable.

It’s not enough for Biden to fund Planned Parenthood and arm abortion giants here in America…

… he’s making sure other abortion providers overseas have the same financial weapons to slay unborn babies.

Of course, Biden’s latest move isn’t shocking, since he worked hard to make sure women could use abortion pills to kill their babies right in the comfort of their own homes during COVID-19.

Women who are pregnant and scared and don’t know where to turn might be tempted to take advantage of the “convenience” of being able to kill their babies with a simple pill.

Sadly, these women have no idea how dangerous this is – and the risks that go along with it.

Live Action continued:

“Sending women home alone with pills meant to induce an abortion is reportedly four times more dangerous for women than undergoing a first-trimester suction abortion. Risks include hemorrhage, incomplete abortion requiring a second abortion, and death. Risks of a first-trimester suction abortion include uterine perforation, incomplete abortion, infection, and blood clots.”

But you see, pro-aborts never talk about the risks.

All they do is glorify abortion and deem it as looking out for “women’s rights.”

And as Mommy Underground previously reported, even the World Health Organization promotes abortion as the new “self-care.”

Instead of paying down our national debt or spending the money in a responsible way here at home – Biden wants to take these dollars and spread his pro-abort agenda overseas.

One thing is for sure – the blood of these unborn babies is on Biden’s hands.

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