Teen Girl Sues High School For Not Being Allowed To Use The Boys’ Restroom

A teenage girl suddenly decided she was a boy and demanded to use the boys’ restroom.

When the school declined her request, and instead offered her the unisex teachers’ restroom as an alternative, the girl claimed it was “too far” away to use.

As a result, the girl refused to go to the bathroom during school hours and claims she contracted a kidney disease as a result.

Instead of owning her role in refusing to either use the restroom of her biological sex, or even the alternative teachers’ restroom – the girl decided it wasn’t her fault.

And now, she’s suing everyone – including her school district, superintendent and principal.

The teen named as ‘John Doe’ claims the school’s refusal to let her use the boys’ bathroom made her kidney disease worse. 

LifeSite News reported:

“John Doe” said in a sworn statement. “Because I am a boy I could not use the girls’ restroom comfortably and ended up avoiding the restroom for the entirety of the year”.

But the teen is not a boy.

She was born a female, with female parts.

And even though she started undergoing hormonal treatment, it doesn’t change the fact she is still a girl.

To refuse to use the girls’ bathroom for an entire year, and then blame the school district for worsening her kidney disease is absurd.

Especially when the school even tried to work with her and allow her to use the teachers’ restroom. 

Her refusal to comply shows the real motive behind the LGBT agenda – they don’t want to compromise or work with school officials – they want full implantation of their agenda – even at the expense of other students’ privacy or safety. 

Sadly, the ridiculousness of faux LGBT lawsuits such as this is becoming the new norm.

“Transgender” students are threatening schools with lawsuits if they can’t use the restroom or locker room of their choice.

And traditional students who simply want to go to school and learn are caught in the middle of a culture war – some even being forced to change for gym class with “transgender” members of the opposite sex directly next to them.

But the media fails to report on the male teacher who was fired for refusing to supervise a girl who thinks she’s a boy changing in a male locker room. 

Teachers face losing their jobs if they don’t comply to the requests of “transgender” students. 

Parents have lost the right to know what’s happening behind school doors. 

To protest, some students are fighting back against the LGBT takeover of restrooms, but not without consequence.

And pro-LGBT teachers and school counselors are even pitting students against their parents – telling kids they can pick their “gender pronoun” or “choose their own gender” despite the objection of parents.

While students should be focused on learning, they are distracted by the drama of the ridiculous LGBT lawsuits clogging up the attention of educators.

To stop the madness, parents must continue to fight to protect their children before it’s too late. 

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