“Transgender” Sexual Predators Find Loophole To Get Jobs Working With Children

Photo by Victoria Pickering on Flickr.com


LGBT activists are determined to “protect their own” – even if it means endangering the life of a child.

While background checks are standard when it comes to working with children, a loophole has proven to give cover to sexual predators who now identify as “transgender.”

And once you hear about the way sexual predators are now able to work directly with children, you’re bound to be horrified.

So how could a convicted sexual predator get a job working with children?

In the UK – criminals who identify as “transgender” are able to hide their previous convictions when applying to work with children.

For example, if a biological man who is a convicted sex offender now suddenly “identifies” as a woman – when applying for a job he’s able to withhold his biological sex and true name from his potential employer.

If “transgender” people apply for a job and choose not to notify employers of their past – even if the employer suspects the person has “changed genders” – privacy restrictions prohibit employers from investigating further.

The Telegraph reported:

“Criminal record checks are only carried out on previous identities if the individual personally notifies officials of their past, a report by Keep Prisons Single Sex has found.

It means criminals willing to lie about whether they have changed their names can avoid their convictions being discovered.

But special processes set up for people who are transgender mean that even if an employer suspects that someone has changed gender, they cannot check if that person has disclosed their previous identities to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), because of privacy restrictions.

The report warns that the system could be “abused” by “nefarious criminals” wanting to hide convictions to gain access to children and vulnerable young people.”

How awful!

There are countless stories about convicted male criminals who “identify” as a woman causing further harm.

In the prison system, “transgender” folks are housed with female inmates and continue their sexual assaults behind bars – even impregnating female inmates.

And it’s bad enough that a “transgender” person would be hired to teach children – but to PROHIBIT a full background check of the individual and provide special privacy protections to them is unconscionable.

Our children are already pawns in the hand of those who intend to harm them – and this latest loophole arms the bad guys with the power to further harm innocent children.

Children can’t even use the restroom at school without fear of sexual attack – and now they have to worry about those caring for them being convicted sexual predators.

While this loophole is happening overseas, it’s just a matter of time before the same type of thing happens right here on U.S. soil.

We must continue to expose the truth behind the LGBT agenda – our children’s lives are at stake.

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