Yelp Now Flags Crisis Pregnancy Centers And Warns Users About “Lack of Abortions”


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With Roe v. Wade finally being overturned – we’ve seen a whole range of reactions – from abortion bans to states welcoming women to cross state lines to kill their babies.

But businesses have truly showed their true colors – with many coming out and not only supporting a women’s right to kill her baby – but offering to pay for it.

And while Yelp was one of the first to offer to pay travel expenses for women to kill their babies, they’ve taken things even further, and now they’re targeting life-saving crisis pregnancy centers.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, Yelp led the charge of helping women get abortions and joined with other companies such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Old Navy, PayPal, Q-Tips, Ben & Jerry’s, Duolingo, Popsicle, Gap, Airbnb, ESPN, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Mastercard, CVS Pharmacy, Starbucks and even baby Dove.

More and more companies continue to join the list – including Dick’s Sporting Goods who is now facing a lawsuit by not offering the same benefits to pregnant women who keep their babies – instead of choosing to abort them.

But through the abortion chaos – the faithful and tireless work of pregnancy crisis centers continues – as they let women know they have options to keep their babies and choose life.

Of course, the radical abortion crowd hates crisis pregnancy centers since they don’t promote abortion.

But instead of letting them just operate and work – they’ve gone on a full fledge attack to shut them down.

Violent abortion protestors damaged their buildings and firebombed many crisis pregnancy centers

around the country.

Elizabeth Warren demanded a full investigation into them – claiming they “mislead women.”

And now Yelp has jumped on the bandwagon – and is actually issuing a warning when pregnant women search for these places online.

Axios reported:

“Yelp’s move is the latest tech-company response to a post-Roe world in which abortion information has become a significant online battleground, with both sides of the debate applying intense pressure.

Driving the news: Starting today, Yelp will add a consumer notice to both faith-based and non-faith-based crisis pregnancy centers noting that they “provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.”

Of course, Yelp is simply hoping scared pregnant women will see the “warning” of these crisis pregnancy centers and choose to visit an abortion provider instead.

Absolutely shameful!

Instead of letting a pregnant woman know all her options – Yelp wants to make the decision for her.

When confronted about the change – Yelp execs doubled down and reiterated their support of abortion.

Axios continued:

“After learning about the misleading nature of crisis pregnancy centers back in 2018, I’m grateful Yelp stands behind these efforts to provide consumers with access to reliable information about reproductive health services,” Noorie Malik, Yelp’s VP of user operations, told Axios in an e-mail interview.

“It has always felt unjust to me that there are clinics in the U.S. that provide misleading information or conduct deceptive tactics to steer pregnant people away from abortion care if that’s the path they choose to take,” Malik said.”

Malik’s hypocritical statement fails to realize that Yelp is in a sense driving away women from life-saving crisis centers to avoid letting women know they can actually keep their baby.

Telling a scared pregnant woman, her only option is abortion is deception at its height.

But with tech companies like Yelp having power to control the message – sadly it’s likely we will now see more companies follow suit.

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