Your Taxpayer Dollars Are Still Paying For a “Transgender” Military

The LGBT agenda continues to poison everything it comes in contact with, and even the military is being influenced by a “transgender streak”.

But the worst part of all – is you are paying for it.

And once you learn just how much taxpayer dollars you’ve spent paying for “transgender” service members, you’re bound to be outraged.

So many families work hard just to make ends meet.

Many moms are cutting out coupons and following “no spend” weeks/months to stretch the dollar as far as it will go.

Which is why it is incredibly painful to learn American taxpayers have shelled out close to 8-million dollars to pay for “transgender” healthcare services for those in the military, including 161 surgical procedures, according to USA Today.

Obama started the chaos by openly allowing “transgender” members to serve.

But President Trump had enough, and last year he directed a policy which would prohibit “transgenders” and those with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria to “serve in any capacity” in the military.

LifeSite News reports:

“The ban was developed after “extensive study by senior uniformed and civilian leaders, including combat veterans,” according to the White House and as detailed in a memo from former Defense Secretary James Mattis. The American Psychiatric Association still classifies gender dysphoria as a mental disorder, as did the World Health Organization until last summer.”

And rightfully so, those who suffer from gender dysphoria should not be serving in the military.

The military should be composed of people with a sound and clear mind.

But of course, leftists fought back and held up the issue in courts, claiming the Trump administration was “hostile” to the LGBT community.

However, a federal judge has just lifted the last injunction of the ban, and now Trump is ready to implement the “transgender” ban once and for all.

LGBT activists are furious, and are still planning to fight to allow “transgender” people to serve.

The Hill reports:

“The Trump administration keeps pushing to enforce a senseless and harmful ban,” Jennifer Levi, GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project director, said in a statement. “There is no question this ban weakens our military by excluding from service transgender people who meet all of the military’s rigorous readiness and medical standards. With the Doe injunction still in place, we will continue fighting this discriminatory ban.”

The “transgender” agenda has officially infiltrated every area of society.

It has taken over the schools and drag queens are becoming a new hit at libraries.

Dressing rooms are no longer safe for women and forget trying to work out at the local gym (hello “transgender” locker rooms).

Safety is in danger with the latest “transgender” flying set to take place this summer.

Children can’t even safely join their own Boy Scouts or Girls Scouts.

And now, as it turns out Americans have been spending nearly $8 million dollars paying for the healthcare of “transgender” service members.

Hats off to President Trump for doing the right thing.

Let’s hope the ban on “transgender” craziness continues to trickle down into our schools so our children can learn in a safe environment.

Do you agree with Trump’s decision to ban “transgender” people from serving in the military?

Do you think the “transgender” agenda will continue to infiltrate all areas of society?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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