A Shocking Discovery – Abortionists Experimented On Hundreds Of Women

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We all know an abortion facility is a dark and dangerous place.

But a shocking new discovery reported one clinic actually experimented with drugs on women seeking abortions – hoping to “speed up the process” and kill even more babies.

And once you hear the gruesome details of what they’ve done, you’re bound to be horrified.

Keisha Atkins went to get a late-term abortion – not knowing it would end up taking her own life.

She was 6 months pregnant and decided to undergo an “induction abortion” – a gruesome process that starts by injecting chemicals into the baby’s heart and dilating a woman’s cervix. Within a few days, the woman’s body will be ready to deliver a dead baby.

Absolutely horrifying.

But in this case – something went wrong – terribly wrong.

Live Action reported:

“Documents obtained by Abortion on Trial showed that abortion staff administered multiple doses of dangerous medications — fentanyl, Versed (midazolam), and oxycodone — to Atkins over the course of several days.

Staffers did not monitor her condition after she left the facility. Staffers continued giving her drugs even after she began suffering from labored breathing — a known potential side effect of the drugs.”

As a result of the experiment, Keisha died.

While this is horrifying enough, it turned out abortionists at the Southwestern Women’s Option (where Keisha got her abortion) experimented on hundreds of women by giving them a drug and publishing a study on the results, reported Live Action.

Their goal was to speed up the number of abortions to keep them flowing.

While barbaric, it’s not surprising these types of things are happening to unsuspecting women.

The truth is – once a woman steps foot into an abortion clinic – anything is fair game.

Abortionists have let women leave their clinic bleeding and injured, some even dying as a result.

Others have lied to women about what would happen during an abortion, leaving these scared young women to feel as if they’ve had no other choice.

And who could forget the horrific stories of babies surviving botched abortions but being left to die alone?

While it’s obvious abortion clinics are a dangerous place for unborn babies, it’s clear yet again that a woman’s own life is in danger as soon as she steps foot inside an abortion clinic.

Abortionists may claim to be “pro-woman” – but experimenting on women against their knowledge and treating them like an assembly line is not compassionate, nor “pro woman.”

The goal of abortion facilities may be to get as many women as possible to abort their babies, but thankfully there are still life-saving pregnancy centers that are actually concerned about helping women.

As if women needed yet another reason to avoid abortion facilities – this story should cause every woman to stop and think before she walks through that door.

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