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Coronavirus Makes Life For Families With Special Needs Extremely Challenging

  As many parents struggle to adjust to the “new normal” of a canceled school year and being ordered to “stay home”, moms everywhere are uniting during these unprecedented times. And while any child naturally feels the disruption of a routine, this feeling is intensified for children with special needs. […]
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The Family Guide To What Is Allowed While ‘Sheltering In Place’

  In an effort to slow down the spread of the coronavirus many states and municipalities have issued ‘Shelter in Place’ orders. The initial release of such news had an ominous feel, and caused a lot of Americans to question where they can and cannot go. Rest assured you and […]
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Some Scientists Are Using a National Crisis to Further Their Agenda – But Colleagues Are Fighting Back

  By now, the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic have touched every person in our nation – and throughout the world. It’s a crisis of historic proportions, and we know the progressive Left never lets a good crisis go to waste. So they’re using fear and panic to try […]
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How To Crush It As A Stay At Home Mom

                            Whether you are a new stay at home mom due to the coronavirus, or even if you’ve been doing it for years, it can be challenging to adjust to the “new normal” way of life of being at home. Your kids always seem to need something, and you may […]
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Dems Block Coronavirus Relief Package To Push Agenda

  Amid a global pandemic the House is in a heated debate over the details of a coronavirus relief rescue package. The bill hopes to lift businesses and individuals out of murky water after Americans were advised to stay home to contain the virus, leaving capital at a standstill. While […]
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Creative Ways People Are Using Social Distancing To Stay Connected

  With the coronavirus sweeping the world, experts are recommending people practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups larger than 10. And as a result, everyone is feeling the effect – from school cancelations to postponed weddings. But keeping with the true spirit of human creativity, many people refuse […]
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Landmark Research Sheds Light on Dad’s Role in Baby’s Health

  Expectant mothers have plenty of research and resources available to understand how important it is to stay healthy while pregnant. We know that pregnant women must avoid smoking, alcohol, and risky behaviors, as well as eating healthy and getting good prenatal care. But a recent study is shedding light […]
Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

Easy Guide For Temporarily Homeschooling Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

  Navigating the minutiae of a global pandemic is overwhelming for every American. Whether it is trying to oversee organizations made to deal with catastrophic events or a mom left juggling three school age children home from school while she still has to work, dealing with abrupt shifts in responsibility […]
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CDC Makes Major Announcement About School Closings

  Unexpected school closings can wreak havoc on a family’s daily routine, and multiple unexpected days of closure can mean pure chaos. Many schools around the nation have shut their doors in an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, announcements that plans would have to be altered […]
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How To Help Your Family Stay Safe From The Coronavirus Without Terrifying Your Children

  The coronavirus pandemic has swept the world and hit close to home – with over 1,600 confirmed or presumptive cases and 41 deaths in the United States alone. From closed schools to mom’s teleworking – it seems like families everywhere are starting to feel the affect of this sweeping […]