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4 Fun Ways To Keep Your Blood Pressure Down

  Stress and parenthood go hand-in-hand. That is why maintaining choices to alleviate stress is essential. Sure, you can lock yourself in a bathroom until the kids decide to stop screaming, but do you really want to come back out to the entire bag of sugar dumped onto the kitchen […]

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6 Foods That Are The Enemy Of A Flat Tummy

  Looking in the mirror in the morning and then again in the evening can feel like a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Our stomachs are much slimmer without the daily offenders we put in our diet. So if you want to keep that tummy from fighting our button then stay […]

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Bicep Curls May Be The Answer To Heart Health

  There is so much information concerning our well-being available. One doctor says to eat differently to improve cardiovascular function, while another tells you to take the newest wonder drug. While each method may get to the same improved result, one approach gives your heart the boost it needs in […]

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Meditation Is More Than Sitting In Silence

  The thought of sitting in complete silence and doing nothing while your laundry piles up and the kids continue to dump the lego bucket on the living room floor may seem unbearable. However, meditation is more than a five-minute break from the chaos outside your bedroom door, it is […]

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Life Can Be Even Sweeter When You Give Up the Sweet Stuff

  Food is often the centerpiece of celebrations, family get-togethers, or even just a movie night at home – and sweet treats are always a comfort in any circumstance. Americans, in general, are addicted to sugar.  From sodas to snack foods, we can’t seem to get enough of this sweet […]

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Waking Up Early Used To Be Terrible–Until You Did This

  I have heard it said, “I am a morning person.” Waking up before the sun rises, bright and chipper; ready to start the day. That person is not me. However, I have found certain benefits to rising with the roosters that have given me cause to leave the warm […]

This Newborn Condition Often Leads to An Unnecessary Procedure – Here’s What Moms Need to Know

This Newborn Condition Often Leads to An Unnecessary Procedure – Here’s What Moms Need to Know

  New, first-time mothers are often faced with many challenges – and have many questions as they navigate through the first few weeks. Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies and is the most natural form of feeding. But it doesn’t always come without its obstacles, and one condition can […]

Fitness During Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Fitness During Pregnancy Myths Debunked

  There are a lot of do’s and don’ts while pregnant, causing some mothers to follow every old wives tale out there to be safe. However, the misconceptions around pregnancy can interfere with your daily life, adding undue stress. Know which tales are told for good reason and which should […]

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There Are 6 Foods That Could Be Interfering With Your Beauty Rest

  Getting adequate sleep can make or break your day, taking you from a zombie to an opened can of rainbows. Most importantly as moms, the amount of sleep we get directly affects our parenting abilities (note your patience level with two hours of sleep compared to eight). But did […]

A Quick Morning Routine That Will Calm The Day’s Storms

A Quick Morning Routine That Will Calm The Day’s Storms

  Many of us moms wake up in the morning holding our breath as to not wake up the first child. All parents know that after the first child wakes it is a chain reaction of needs- “Can you make me pancakes?”, or “He won’t get out of my room!” […]