Eat To Beat The Winter Blues


The Washington Post reported:

Zinc is found in almost every cell and plays an important role in supporting a healthy immune system and helping the body protect the gut from damage. Low levels of zinc in the diet can lead to a variety of ailments, including a weakened immune system, loss of appetite, anemia, hair loss and depression.”

Again, if you are vegetarian you may need to double up on zinc, because plant-based zinc isn’t as easily absorbed as other sources.

You can even boost your anti-depressants with a dose of zinc. When you are lacking in zinc alone, depressive symptoms can begin, so grab a handful of pumpkin seeds and pep up.

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Recommended Daily Allowance: 11 mg per day for men; 8 mg per day for women

Food sources of Zinc:

  • Roasted pumpkin seeds (1 cup): 9.5 mg
  • Cashews, dry roasted (1 cup): 7.67 mg
  • King Alaska crab (1 leg): 10.2 mg
  • Pork loin (6-7 oz.): 3.5 mg
  • Swiss cheese (1 / 8 cup): 1.2 mg

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