Eat To Beat The Winter Blues


Deficiency in magnesium is debilitating, not only for your mood, but for your overall functioning.

When your body is lacking in this mineral, it can cause “irritability, fatigue, mental confusion and predisposition to stress”, according to the Washington Post.

You need magnesium to make serotonin, the “feel good” hormone. Even though you may have never thought much about your magnesium intake, getting it in is as simple as grabbing a handful of nuts.

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Recommended Daily Allowance: 310 mg per day for women; 400 mg per day for men

Food sources of magnesium:

  • Almonds (1 / 8 cup): 79 mg
  • Spinach (1 / 2 cup): 78 mg
  • Cashews (1 / 8 cup): 74 mg
  • Peanuts (1 / 4 cup): 63 mg
  • Edamame (1 / 2 cup): 50 mg

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