Leftist States Around America Now Celebrate November As “Transgender” Awareness Month

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Liberals have hijacked the calendar yet again in an attempt to force their latest propaganda campaign onto American families.

They’ve already deemed the entire month of June as “pride month” – and now they’ve moved on to November deeming it “transgender awareness month.”

What started off as a single day has turned into a month long “celebration” with liberal organizations all around the country promoting a bizarre series of events.

Of course, pro-LGBT politicians are joining in on the activities and are eager to force their constituents to endure yet another lecture on how most Americans are intolerant of the LGBT community.

In San Francisco, a campaign was promoted encouraging people to write love letters to “trans people.”

Yes really.

I mean, what are people supposed to do?

Write letters to strangers encouraging their “transgender” lifestyle?

Well yes – that’s exactly what they expect.

San Francisco also hosted an online “transgender film festival” encouraging people to get tickets and watch 7 different LGBT programs.

The programs themselves are dark – one even named “satan’s tears.”

Every day of November there was a new event – even raising the “trans flag” at City Hall.

Who knew that was even a thing?

And to celebrate Thanksgiving – LGBT activists created an event called “Transgiving” where they gave away meals courtesy of the San Francisco Community Health Center.

But it’s not just liberal San Francisco that celebrated this bizarre “transgender” month.

Massachusetts jumped on the bandwagon and hosted their own slew of events.

Included in the celebration was a collection of “trans related” books for prisoners, a book discussion on “trans themed” books” – and of course “transgender” movie screening and art.

As if “pride month” isn’t enough for the LGBT community – they need a whole other month to talk about how persecuted they are.

Students are already forced to have rainbow flags flying in their cafeteria and pro-LGBT books being read in the classroom.

Retailers promote LGBT gear not just during pride month – but throughout the entire year – especially targeting children.

With the world seeming to back LGBT activists – it’s insane they keep talking about how silenced they are.

The truth is, Christians are the ones who are getting persecuted and facing discrimination.

A third grader who wore a mask with 3 words “Jesus Loves Me” sprawled across the front was forced by her principal to remove her “offensive mask.”

Another Christian student simply wanted a pro-family flag flying next to the rainbow flag in the cafeteria, yet was denied.

And as more and more LGBT activists cry about how the world is against them – conservatives and Christians continue to be the ones left out in the cold.

One thing is clear – LGBT activists don’t want to be “included” – they want to dominate and exclude anyone else who disagrees with their agenda.

And sadly, they continue to get their way as leftist politicians promote their warped agenda.

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