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Judgment About SAHM’s Dwindles As Mom Gets A Taste Of It

  You have probably heard it before–being a stay-at-home mom means you get to play all day and take naps in the afternoon. Those making these judgments either have only one child, have never been a SAHM, or just love minimizing the most important job in the world. This became […]

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Stanford Doctor Has An Honest Approach To The Lockdowns

  Moms everywhere are getting flustered with a house full of rambunctious kids as they run out of craft ideas, snack supplies, and patience. The White House keeps toying with the idea of ending the lockdown and then the media shows another parabola that says we are all going to […]

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Unlock the Fun and Teach Valuable Skills All In One Room of Your Home

  Right about now, most parents are running out of things for the kids to do during this extended period away from school. You’ve used up all the craft supplies, found every educational activity possible online, and sent them outside to play – if you’ve had good weather (something many […]

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Real Challenges Moms Deemed “Essential” Face While Working During COVID-19

  As many Americans follow the “stay at home” orders in their state, some moms don’t have the luxury to stay home. In fact, many moms deemed “essential” are forced to work outside of the home during a worldwide pandemic. Instead of hunkering down inside and shielding themselves from COVID-19 […]

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3 Tips On How To Beat Quarantine Insomnia

  As many moms adjust to their new normal – they find getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible. From feeling an overabundance of stress in trying to figure out a new schedule for their home to working overtime to keep all the plates in the air– sleep is […]

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How To Avoid “Mommy Burnout” During COVID-19

  Being a mom is rewarding – but it sure is tough – especially during a pandemic! Your normal tolerance for a typical day has hit (if not pushed through) the ceiling – as you try your best to keep your family calm, healthy, organized, well-fed – and manage whatever […]

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Top 4 Tips To Stay Positive During A Pandemic

  It may be hard to see a silver lining during a pandemic that has the population stuck at home to meditate on their fears, but it is there if you choose to look for it. Daily life has changed drastically- kids are home from school, your husband is working […]

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How to Prepare Your Family’s Financial Future When You Depart

  Proverbs 10:4 says, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth”.  Many families are dual income; one person is usually the primary financial bookkeeper. If you or someone who has a significant impact on the family dies, can the family pick up the fiscal pieces to ensure […]

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Creative Meals To Cook While Quarantined Inside

  You are stuck inside with a hungry family and a bare pantry. Eating pasta or boxed macaroni and cheese multiple days a week is starting to get old (not to mention it’s full of carbs and not healthy.) But what can you do? Your family needs to eat and […]

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New York Times Wants To Use Pandemic To Kill More Unborn Children

  It is not beneath a Democrat to try and take advantage of an awful situation to further their agenda. The Coronavirus pandemic has been a troubling time for American citizens, and with so many people dying you think liberals would support life-saving measures. Well, think again. Economic distress, health […]