Cultivate Thankfulness In Your Children With These Fun Family Acts

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We all were probably told at some point in our childhood that there is a starving kid somewhere, so we must finish our dinner in appreciation for what we have.

This method of instilling guilt in order to be thankful for our provisions is misguided, even if we mean well.

Research has shown us there is a better way. We can have children who are thankful for all they have in life, even if they don’t want to finish their Brussels sprouts.

Parents reports on Christine Carter, Ph.d., author of Raising Happiness and director of the Greater Good Parents program at the University of California, Berkeley, whose research has revealed that thankfulness can be learned:

Pioneering social scientists think that 40 percent of our happiness comes from intentional, chosen activities throughout the day. Thankfulness is not a fixed trait. It’s a skill that can be cultivated, like kicking a soccer ball or speaking French.”

So, we can make grateful little people, who become grateful big people, by incorporating how to be kind in our daily lives now.

Here are some easy acts the whole family can do together, that will show our children that being thankful is in the little things.

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