Disgusting – Chicago Mayor Creates $500K Fund So Women Can Kill Their Babies

Photo by Prachatai on Flickr.com

The city of Chicago is the latest to jump on the pro-abort bandwagon – but they’ve taken things to a whole other level.

Not only has Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot come out publicly supporting abortion – but she’s even helping with funding the process.

In fact – the city has set aside $500,000 exclusively to help women kill their unborn babies, and just wait until you hear the horrific details.

To start – our country has sunk to a whole new low.

We’ve reached a point in history where politicians and businesses are paying women to kill their babies. 

Imagine how much good could be accomplished if these same funds were allocated to help struggling pregnant moms keep their babies – instead of killing them.

But in a dangerous abuse of power, radical leftist Mayor Lori Lightfoot called herself (and those on her side) “soldiers” ready to “fight” for abortion.

LifeSite News reported:

“She said the city will provide “$500,000 to scale up access to reproductive health care for those who are going to need it.” 

This includes “Chicagoans and our neighbors, these dollars will go to support transportation, lodging, follow-up care and if necessary, the safe and legal procedure of abortion.”

The mayor said that “to women here in Chicago and Illinois and in neighboring states here in the Midwest, regardless of where you live, you deserve safe and accessible health care, and in the city of Chicago we are prepared … to support your reproductive rights.”

Lightfoot is actually encouraging women to kill their babies – and offering to pay for it!


Besides the obvious fact that abortion is far from safe – her blatant disregard for life is chilling.

But, she’s not the only politician encouraging women to come to her town to murder their babies.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, New York Governor Kathy Hochul claimed she wanted to keep New York a “safe haven” for abortion and encouraged residents to come on over if they wanted an abortion.  

New York was the same state who lit up the One World Trade Center in pink to celebrate the latest law that allowed abortion up until birth. 

And let’s not forget the mobile abortion units deployed to the Texas border, encouraging residents of Texas to simply cross state lines to slay the precious life growing inside their womb.  

Not to mention, Biden continues to encourage politicians to enact pro-abort policies in their states, and threatening conservative politicians who dare to do the opposite. 

And the worst part of all is women who are pregnant and scared will likely accept the money and invitations to abort their babies, because many fear they don’t have other options.

If only these women felt support and gained the confidence that people were there to walk alongside them – they might choose life.

But one thing is for certain – every politician or company who pays for or encourages a woman to abort their baby has blood on their hands. 

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