LGBT Activists Just Succeeded In Hijacking The Beloved Scooby Doo

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LGBT activists are at it again – and this time they’ve hijacked the classic Scooby Doo.

Determined to poison everything they touch – the new remake of Scooby Doo is nothing like the classic we remember.

And once you hear what they’ve done now – you’re bound to be outraged.

LGBT activists can’t stand it that there are shows and movies that exist that don’t have LGBT characters.

So in a desperate attempt to make the LGBT agenda mainstream, each new “remake” or film that hits the screen has some sort of LGBT twist.

From the Toy Story sequel ‘Lightyear’ to Onward it seems as if every flick that comes out features LGBT characters.

And now, Scooby Doo has been hijacked and corrupted.

The latest casualty is Velma, who is seen having a crush on female character Coco Diablo in the Halloween special, “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo.”

Of course, the cartoon debuted on Cartoon Network so kids could see it.

The New York Times reported:

“In one scene of the newest iteration, a blushing Velma, voiced by Kate Micucci, is smitten at the sight of a new character, Coco Diablo, who mirrored Velma’s fashion sense with her own turtleneck and oversize glasses.

In a later scene, she denies Coco is her type before admitting: “I’m crushing big time, Daphne. What do I do? What do I say?”

Instead of just having a simple trick or treat movie – creators just HAD to have a lesbian character, didn’t they?

And to play it on Cartoon Network was clearly an intentional move.

The truth is, LGBT activists won’t stop until children all over America think being “transgender” or dating members of the same sex is something normal, and common.

From TV shows, to movies, to books, to even toys…

… nothing is safe anymore.

Parents used to be able to turn on the TV without fearing their child would be exposed to perverse material.

But no longer.

Every network geared towards children – from Disney to Nickelodeon has jumped aboard the LGBT bandwagon.

So it’s really no surprise the Cartoon Network proudly aired the new Scooby Doo flick with a lesbian cartoon character.

But of course, LGBT activists cheered once they learned Velma has been portrayed as a lesbian.

They just can’t get enough.

The Washington Post reported:

“Trinity Wheeler, an 18-year-old student from Ontario, Canada, was the first person to share a clip from the new film online, adding the caption: “OMG LESBIAN VELMA FINALLY.”

About 48 hours later, her video had been played more than 5.5 million times and received more than 200,000 likes.”

But while LGBT activists celebrated that another fan-favorite has been corrupted – conservative moms sighed – knowing yet again another one bites the dust.

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