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Trump Administration Once Again Declares True Gender Identification 

  Another victory for our president is in the books! Beneath the liberal veneer of racial justice and hidden agendas the LGBT community struggles to keep picking at the Constitution until it bends to all their emotional whims. But the Trump administration is not subject to the tactics of the […]

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Unbelievable – Angry LGBT Activists Protest COVID-19 Field Hospitals In NYC

  As our world struggles to bind together during these unprecedented times – most people have one common goal – do whatever we can to help one another. Nurses are coming out of retirement to head back to the hospitals.  Moms are volunteering to sew masks so medical personnel have […]

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Social Isolation Provides a Breeding Ground for Progressive Propaganda Online – What Parents Need to Know

  Our nation remains gripped by a health crisis of historic proportions, one not seen in more than a century. And while we’re all distracted, our “backs turned” and focused on immediate issues of safety and finances, the Left is working hard to slip their agenda under the radar. As […]

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As Indoctrination Is Forced Upon Our Children, Students In One School Are Fighting Back

  There is no greater threat from the progressive agenda than the one being imposed upon our children in public schools. School boards and administrators are so frightened of standing their ground against a minority of Americans, that they’ve chosen to force our children to adopt anti-Family values as truths. […]

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Middle School Traumatizes Children By Flying Rainbow Flag In Cafeteria

  Yet again, schools are thrusting their students into the middle of an LGBT culture war leaving children feeling scared and confused. While schools used to be a safe place for children to learn, it’s turned into a political war zone with LGBT activists forcing children to accept their way […]

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Disney’s Next Pixar Film Features LGBT Main Character

  Disney Pixar films like Toy Story and Inside Out have captured the hearts of children all across the world. Kids love the cartoon/animation combination, and eagerly await to see what Disney has in store for them next. But this time, Disney is using their loyal children-following to release an […]

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Another Children’s Cartoon Is Warping Minds With Liberal Propaganda

The left has been attacking the innocence of children for some time now, becoming more overt with every passing day. Between drag queens taking over children’s story hour at the library, or children being taught inappropriate material in elementary school, liberals have shown no bounds to their perversion. There used […]

The Slippery Slope Begins: HGTV Features Polygamous Couple House Hunting

The Slippery Slope Begins: HGTV Features Polygamous Couple House Hunting

As LGBT activists continue to gun and demand for more tv spots, conservatives have fought back warning it could be a slippery slope. Conservatives cautioned once LGBT activists got their way, it was only a matter of time before more perverse and non-traditional families would flash across the screens.  LGBT […]

Pro-LGBT Group Targets Children With Demands Of More “Prime Time” TV Spots For LGBT Characters 

Pro-LGBT Group Targets Children With Demands Of More “Prime Time” TV Spots For LGBT Characters 

LGBT activists are at it again, and this time they are demanding even more television time for LGBT characters.  Even though they’ve hijacked children’s cartoons and teenage sitcoms, they’re still convinced they don’t have enough airtime to parade their “transgender” characters around. So in typical leftist fashion, liberals are throwing […]

School Suspends Teen For Refusing To Wear LGBT Paraphernalia 

School Suspends Teen For Refusing To Wear LGBT Paraphernalia 

A school wanted to pay honor to war veterans and had the idea every student should wear a poppy in remembrance…  …except, instead of the traditional red and black poppy used to honor Canadian vets – school officials turned the classic poppy into a “rainbow poppy” – full of all […]