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Doctors Are Concerned About This New Effect of Shutdowns on Our Nation’s Children

We’ve all been home more this year due to lockdowns and restrictions that have changed or cancelled our family’s plans. While all that quality time has its benefits, we’re also more likely to fall prey to picking up unhealthy habits during times of stress, uncertainty, and boredom. And experts in […]

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The Pandemic May Be Changing the Future of Childcare – What Working Parents Need to Know

One of the greatest hurdles working parents have faced this year is adjusting to having the kids home, rather than in school, all day. Whether parents work outside the home or work from home, the challenges of limited in-person classes and virtual learning means that nearly every parent needs some […]

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Conservatives Are Making A Difference: Netflix Subscriptions Drop By Nearly 800 Percent

Leftists often push their filth onto mainstream America – thinking they can get away with it. From pro-LGBT merchandise geared towards children to “transgender” changing rooms to the latest sexual exploitation of children on Netflix – somehow liberals think they can do whatever they want. But when the latest “Cuties” […]

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Disgusting – Joe Biden Publicly Admits He Supports “Transgenderism” In Little Children

It’s no secret, Joe Biden is no friend to unborn babies or conservative families. And while his leftist comments are usually typical liberal talking points, his latest pro-LGBT remarks are downright frightening. If there was any question about where Biden stood on protecting the innocence of children – his bizarre […]

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‘Calm-Housing’ Is One Mom’s Trick For Grabbing A Peaceful Moment With Kids

Kids are inherently noisy. They like to experiment with volume, pretend they are the loudest animal they can think of, and will do anything to be heard. This is all well and good- unless you have been enduring six straight hours of dinosaurs versus robots. Then a break in the […]

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It Begins – College Campus Labels Pro-Life Group As “Hate Group”

  College campuses are known to be breeding grounds for future leftist activists – and the liberal faculty are usually the ones leading the charge. When it comes to getting involved, students have a long list of liberal groups to choose from – such as Pro-LGBT groups and other anti-family […]

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Insanity – Governor Tells Folks To Keep Their Masks On “Between Bites” While Dining Out

  Friends and families across the country have long enjoyed gathering together over a meal and breaking bread with one another. While the mask mandate has dominated America – folks enjoyed being able to still gather in a restaurant – and while they may have to wear a mask to […]

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A Look At 5 Myths About Babies We All Thought Were True

  There has never been more judgement, superstition and old wives tales than there has been surrounding children. Specifically, bringing a new life into the world creates this excitement in women that often gets misplaced. So to help you sort through the endless stream of advice and misinformation, we have […]

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4 Reasons Fall Is The Best

  All transitions are difficult, and nothing is tougher on families than saying goodbye to days at the beach and hello to the rigorous schedule of school life. However, fall does not have to be the end to all things fun. Not only does fall have a lot to offer, […]

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Brave “Shout Your Motherhood” Stories Drown Out Wicked Pro-Abort Campaign

  Liberals have long claimed abortion is simply “healthcare” and the gold standard for women’s rights in America. In a sick attempt to “normalize” abortion – liberals even started a “shout your abortion” campaign where women took to social media to boast about the “joy” in their abortion. Thinking they […]