Toddler Meals They Will Actually Eat

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Transitioning your toddler to table food can be a scary and messy process that many moms battle with.

Going from the ease and uniformity of the bottle or breast to finding which solid food options are going to be thrown in your hair or eaten is stressful.

It’s not easy for your toddler either though. All the new tastes and textures can be intimidating for their immature palate.

With the right foods and combinations there is always something that your blossoming food connoisseur will find delightful.

Here we have the top 10 meals, a combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner that toddlers find amusing and tasty.

Recipes are adapted from, and can be varied to what you have on hand; for example, you can switch a melon for orange slices, or cucumbers for zucchini.

Remember to cut food items in small, easy to chew pieces to prevent a choking hazard.

Feel free to experiment with various dips for meals, like salsa, tzatziki, or yogurt to make the meal more fun and hands on.

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Aim to provide 1,000-1,400 calories a day, including all the food groups. Grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins are among the essentials.

Now, to the platters that will give your toddler a new interest in this game we call meal time.

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