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If You’re Grieving This Christmas Season – Give Yourself Grace

  The Christmas season is typically a joyous time where families and friends gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ. From Christmas parties and festivities – to your children begging you to take them to see the massive lighted house down the street– or Santa if that is your […]

You Won’t Believe The Shocking Number Of Women Who Felt Forced To Abort Their Babies

You Won’t Believe The Shocking Number Of Women Who Felt Forced To Abort Their Babies

  Pro-aborts often spread the lie that women are “choosing” abortion – trying to convince the public that abortion is a “health right.” Of course, they never tell the stories of all the women who felt pressure to abort their babies – or even forced. In fact, new studies reveal […]

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Heroic Mom Risks Everything To Save Her 4 Children From Inferno

  A mother’s connection to her children is unconditional, instinctual, and driven. It’s this strong and undeniable bond that gives moms the ability to push through 15 hours of painful labor or to stay up all night with a sick child before heading to a full day at the office. […]

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CNN Urges You To Cancel Netflix For Anti-Trans Comedy Special But Not For Any Of Its Other Filth

  We should be used to the left’s hypocrisy by now but it continues to be a shocking display of human indecency each time, grabbing your attention and demanding justice. One of the most left-leaning news agencies out there, CNN, loves to highlight progressive agendas being fulfilled but gawks at […]

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Leftist School District Surveys Children Asking Them About Sexual History And “Gender Identity”

  Just outside of Washington, D.C., Fairfax County (the largest school district in Virginia) had their students take a “voluntary” survey. And no, they weren’t polling kids to determine what kind of food they wanted for lunch, or what books they wanted in the library. Instead, the survey asked students […]

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Complete Madness – This State Is The First To Mandate Free Condoms To Children

  Schools are usually mandated to supply normal items for children like books and teaching materials. But in the leftist state of Vermont – politicians thought it would be a great idea to mandate giving free condoms to children. And once you hear the details of this program, you’re bound […]

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Biden Authorizes $5 Million To Send Abortion Kits To Countries Around The World

  President Biden is obsessed with murdering unborn babies both here and around the world. In fact, he just used his position of power to authorize a massive $5 million contribution to fund the unthinkable. And once you hear about the sneaky loophole Biden is using to fund overseas abortions, […]

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This Treatable Condition May Be The Cause Of All Your Breastfeeding Problems

  Breastfeeding is one of the most difficult aspects of mothering during your child’s infancy stage. Whether it is constantly worrying if your baby is getting enough nourishment or the pain and engorgement that accompanies the beginning days of the journey, there is always something to consider when feeding your […]

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Leftist School Board Member Busted Collecting Invasive Data On Anti-CRT Parents

  School board members are determined to push critical race theory – and they are desperate to stop anyone who gets in their way – even parents. Many parents are fed up with leftist politicians teaching liberal propaganda to their children – and they are speaking up in droves. While […]

Don’t Be A Toxic Parent- A Beginner’s Guide

Don’t Be A Toxic Parent- A Beginner’s Guide

  General guidelines of what a healthy and unhealthy parent is are commonly understood. We all know that we shouldn’t only let our children eat chocolate, or punish them every time they spill their milk. However, there are less known parenting practices many unsuspecting parents do without even knowing they […]